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How to Build A Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy?
  • By: Nextwave Creators
  • Date: 20 Dec 2022
  • Category: Social-Media-Marketing

Your customers are on social media! And that is one of the best reasons why you should also promote your business on social media.

According to a study, by 2021 more than 230 million or 70% of India's population will also be active on social media; the number of social media users around the world is estimated at around 3.1 billion people! Connecting with your audience is easy if you're active on the channels they use most. Don't make your audience come to you - they go to your audience!

You could be missing important opportunities to connect with your customers and get new prospects if you're not already using social media.


Tips for Creating Graphics for Social Media

Many social media graphics can be created for a successful social media strategy. Graphics are effective and ensure a long stay on the site, fixed and attractive. And infographics work best on social media platforms. Images attract people's attention more than text because the information conveyed to the brain is always visual. 

Here are some tips for creating eye-catching graphics for your company's social media pages:

  • Choose the best high resolution images, align them properly and publish them according to the required size for each social media platform.

  • Apply your brand colors as best you can - it's a very subtle way to build a brand identity.

  • Avoid copyright issues by using your own images and designs.

  • Choose the right font that matches the message.

  • Combine images with text as they always go hand in hand for easy viewing.

  • Use design techniques to create visual effects.


The 10 Best Social Media Management Tools for Business Growth

It is very important to use one or several of these platforms to grow your business and don't miss a very good opportunity!

  • BuzzSumo to compare performance with your competitors & Content Analysis

  • Canva for enhancing photo content

  • Adobe Spark to create social assets for your brand

  • Dashboard to track the success of your marketing campaigns

  • Hubspot's social media software for gaining insight into customer journeys through built-in analytics tools

  • PicMonkey has powerful and intuitive design tools and lots of ready-to-use templates

  • Social Blade to track user data and growth trends across social channels

  • Mailchimp — an integrated marketing platform for business growth

  • Remove splash to find beautiful photos with no download fees

  • CoSchedule to organize your blog & the social editorial efforts of the calendar


Use Killer Social Media Calls To Action

Social media calls to action (CTA) are a few words strung together to encourage audiences to take action. It is used to inform our audience to click for more information / attend an event / download a file / subscribe to something etc. This is a great way to keep your visitors within your reach and get them to hire them. If well designed and written, they are sure to drive you more visits, retention and profits.

Succeed on social media with one of the Best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangalore. Want to know why you need social media marketing for your business? One of the best reasons for your business to advertise on social media is because your customers spend time on these channels. Apart from that, it is one of the most receptive ways to promote your product/service.


With The Right Social Media Marketing, You Will Never Forget Your Target Group

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