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Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile (Formerly Google My Business) have now become very popular for online promotional activities.

The major goals of using any of these platforms are Brand Awarness as well as Lead Generation.

To get more engagement of followers, Social Media Platforms require consistancy. Post Daily, Weekly twice or thrice related to your products, service or useful content in form of image or video with caption & hashtags

We suggest our clients to post weekly twice on each platforms minimum, however sharing would be better.

Following is the types of various post that you can consider for your social media promotion.

  1. Product Post
  2. Service Post
  3. Office or Factory Infrastructure
  4. Achievement Post
  5. Industry Specific News
  1. Tips & Benefits about your product or service.
  2. Sales or Discount
  3. Special Offers
  4. Worldwide Event such as Match of Cricket, Football
  5. Post in format of Image, Animated Story, Video

Social Media Creatives post designing have below features

  1. Customised Post
  2. Inclusion Logo, Contact Info, Website
  1. Size Square 1080 x 1080 pixel
  2. Size can be changed on demand
  3. High Resolution 300 DPI
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Creativity allows you to mine the consumer's interest and act as a contact mode between you and them. It helps stimulate strong user engagement and facilitates an intense environment where people do not experience loss of interests and bore. A social media creatives designer carries this responsibility to deliver you with the perfect work in his her heart.

As a reputed social media creatives company in India, we make sure that we used non-pirated apps from renowned sources. We utilize apps such as Adobe photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for designing the best creatives for you. We have the expertise for using these apps and tons of experiences with them under our belts.

Social media creatives services make sure that audiences are attracted to put nicely and neat designs that fit the context of the firm, which captures their attention and boosts engagement among consumers and the firm owner.

Yes, social media creatives are extraordinarily versatile and do not wear out with changing trends and possibilities. This factor depends on how the creatives are created and based upon. Being the top social media creatives company in Banglore, we design creatives that are versatile and do not wear off after changing trends.

We own the necessary knowledge and brainstorm as a team collectively to generate the perfect ideas for your company. After acquiring notoriety for being one of the top social media creatives company in Bangalore, we make sure that our previous experiences help us give birth to new ideas that are unique and good-looking.


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