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Do you think your website is secured from cybercrimes? Do you want to find out? Nextwave Creators helps you to secure your web through SSL certification. We are one of the accredited SSL Certificate Provider in Bangalore.

SSL certificates enable encryptions through Secure Socket Layers to protect data that are transferred over web. A public and private key are used to encrypt and decipher information. When browser lists a secured domain, the SSL handshake validates the client and the secured server and procures an encrypted code and a key. Through this, users can securely make online transaction without having to worry about cyber-attacks.

Key Differences Between HTTP and HTTPS

The points given below covers the difference between HTTP and HTTPS:

  1. If we talk about security HTTP has security issues whereas HTTPS is secured.
  2. Hypertext Transfer Protocol operates at application layer. On the contrary, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure functions at Transport Layer.
  3. HTTPS requires certificates to verify the identity of the websites. As against, in HTTP there is no requirement of certificates.
  4. No encryption is used in HTTP. On the other hand both encryption and decryption is used in HTTPS.
  5. All clients had successful outcomes with us
  6. For communication purposes, port number 80 is utilized in HTTP, while HTTPS makes use of port number 443.
  7. HTTP is prone to man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks, but HTTPS is designed to resist such attacks.

Why SSL Certificate is necessary?

End To End Security

Secure For Online Payment

Better Ranking in Google Search

Increase Customers' Trust & Confidence

Looks More Professional

Increase Brand Value


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for setting up an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures the privacy of all data passed between the web server and browsers. An SSL certificate enables a web server to create an SSL connection. SSL certificates are expected by consumers for any site that handles sensitive information like identity information, credit card numbers, or confidential records.

If your website requires users to log in, enter personal information such as credit card numbers or view confidential information such as financial statements, you need to keep the data private and assure your Customers that their data is completely safe.

SSL Certificates are compatible with all major web browsers.

There is no provision of upgrading an SSL Certificate. However, if you require a more secure certificate for your website, you can purchase it and install it on the same web server as the old certificate.

While it is not difficult to install an SSL Certificate it does involve following a series of simple steps. Detailed information about installing our SSL Certificates can be found in our KnowledgeBase.

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