5 Effective SEO Techniques to Double Your Traffic in 2021

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Are you looking for the best SEO services techniques in 2021 to take the organic traffic on your website to the next level? Then definitely you’re at the right place.


When you created your website and started to learn SEO services, you need to do its basics like keyword research, optimizing content, its title, and Meta tags. However, what will be the next steps? In this content, we will share SEO techniques that will help you increase your website performance and tell you how to do it.


SEO Techniques you should use in 2021


Below are the tactics which will help you increase your website organic traffic in 2021 and these should form a core part of your SEO strategy. By implementing these techniques, you will improve your website traffic and visibility.


1. Search Your Competitors’ Best Performing Pages


The more you learn about your competitors’ SEO and social media marketing strategy, the better you will perform. When you figure out the best working techniques for your competitor on SERP, you can take your SEO efforts to the next level.


The practical starting point is to find the competitor’s best-performing pages. By doing this, you can understand where their organic traffic is coming from. Analysis of the competitors’ top-performing pages helps you in the direction of keyword gap, link gap and opportunity to improve your content.


You can use various tools to find your competitors’ best-performing pages. These tools will not only tell about the approx organic traffic your competitors’ websites get, but it also informs you about the general overview of the website.


2. Use keyword gap analysis


When it comes to having an excellent SEO content strategy, your focus area should be on optimizing existing content and creating a new one. Optimizing existing content could be a good starting point for a perfect SEO technique. Today almost every traffic-oriented website has optimized all of its existing content. One should create new content very effectively.


In creating new content the most significant mistake SEO services or social media marketing makes is to create them blindly. But this should not happen, and you need to create content with a purpose to justify why every single piece of your content exists. In other words, your need to carefully plan the strategy when creating new content.


One excellent way to have a good content creation strategy is to conduct a keyword gap analysis. It will help you understand the keywords that your competitors use for the ranking of their websites. Using those keywords, you can create your website content to fill the gaps on your website.


3. Improve the organic CTR


CTR is one of the SEO services ranking factors, and it should be used prominently. However, the title tag and Meta description has an impact on your website Click through rate. You have a fair amount of control on both of these factors but how to find out what Meta description and title tag will give you the highest CTR.


You can apply Meta description and title tags by changing it repeatedly and measuring the results, but it will take too long. If you don’t want to wait too long for the results, you can use PPC to test the Meta and title tags.


If you don’t use PPC campaign in your business, you should invest in it to test various titles and descriptions and run display ads. Apart from this, you will also get power data around the headings and key phrases.


4. Go for Competitor’s Broken Backlinks


It is very challenging to build quality backlinks; however, you can use broken backlinks from your competitors’ websites.


In this process, you have to find broken backlinks, creating the content based on those backlinks and then reverse the backlinks to your content. You need to find the 404 pages on your competitor’s website.


5. Optimize for image


If you are not optimizing the images you use in your content, you are missing the web traffic, and instead, it is going to your competitor’s website. Do not forget that visual and image search is very prominent when it comes to Google search.


In SEO services and social media marketing, people commonly tag the images with alt tags, but it is more than that. If you have correctly optimized your website image, then you will be ranked prominently on various SERPs.


To optimize the images apart from alt tags, you need to consider various factors like file names, resizing images, reducing file size, creating an image sitemap, and hosting the image on a CDN. Though it will take time, it will be very beneficial for SEO services.


So these are the few SEO services and social media marketing techniques by the help of which you can rank higher on Google search rankings. These are also beneficial for your brand awareness.

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