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International SEO is all about geotargeting, which means, organizing and optimizing your website as per the target country to generate countless numbers of organic global leads. It lets the search engines determine the countries, languages of each user your brand has in focus in a particular region. International SEO, if planned wisely, can open new market possibilities and earn huge ROI. Thus it’s important even for small businesses to invest in it.


As you have already known, International SEO is not at all something foreign in concept. It is one of the best SEO services in India that involves optimizing your website to drive organic traffic from different other countries to your website instead of attracting traffic from your nearby locations.

International SEO, if done with proper expertise, can bring your website a lot of benefits.


Being the top SEO company in Bangalore, we, at Nextwave Creators execute the following strategies to ensure a rush of organic international leads to your website.

International Keyword Research

To get a higher rank on the global market, you need to find appropriate international keywords, approximate keyword search volume, check competitor rankings for those keywords and plan yours accordingly.

Multilingual Targeting

With a proper multilingual strategy and optimized website content for different languages, people in different countries will find your website for their market, in their native language.

Identifying Your Target Demographic

Along with the geographic, demographic, linguistic and regional aspects of the audience, we study the qualitative aspects of them like their culture, hobbies, interests etc.

International Geo-targeting

It’s a technique of organizing and optimizing the web pages to let the search engines identify your target countries, specific content and language for each user in a given location.

HrefLang Tags

HrefLang Tag is essential for the businesses that have multilingual websites with the same contents and want the search engines to send people suitable contents in their respective languages.

The X Default Tag

It’s the default version of the websites with multilingual contents and used when the language or location tag doesn’t match any of the available options and no page is relevant.

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Implementation of an exceptional international SEO strategy curated as per your businesses objectives and goals can increase search engine traffic, result in skyrocketing revenue, global brand awareness & recognition.

No, you don’t need new websites for each country but you will need to have unique landing pages of various languages. Our SEO experts build dedicated web pages for each region to help Google and other search engines to display suitable webpages to the right audiences.

Nextwave Creators is the best company for your international SEO needs. Our experience in the sector and participation in global SEO events allow us to always be updated on the latest trends and best practices and to adapt our knowledge to the dynamics of the most used search engines in global scenarios.

International SEO is a much more complex process than the standard SEO, only a person with in-depth knowledge of SEO and the one who can keep up with the fast paced algorithm changes can help you get started for a successful International SEO campaign.

International SEO pricing can be as complex or simple as necessary. Ideally, you pay for a highly customized plan that pays only what you need. International SEO costs vary from agency to agency. Business owners need to understand exactly what they are getting and trust the people who decide to partner. Contact Nextwave Creators experts for a customized international SEO package.


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