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More than 70% Instagram users takes immediate action after going through an ad in their newsfeeds. With over 800 million monthly users, Instagram offers huge target audience for the businesses. The image-centric platform is one of the most utilized mobile platforms all over the world. And as it is a part of Facebook, the ads here get access to the most robust targeting features on the Internet.

Nextwave Creators renders a seamless experience to its clients in Instagram advertisement by driving awareness about the brand, increasing customer base by sharing the content among targeted audience. Whether clients want story ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, ads in explore, Nextwave Creators can provide it all. Get more clicks, conversions and comprehensive brand recognition.


Instagram has over 500 million to 800 million active users who consume content on daily basis. There are many places for ad placement on the platform that is used by our marketing experts for maximum impact. The audience impacting from your marketing efforts add to your long list of loyal customers. Our Instagram management company helps you establish a robust online service.

Instagram Content Management

Our team of designers will help you create visually attractive images for ads along with a catchy copy.

Increase Followers

Our social media community team will oversee the growth of follower base on your profile.

Instagram Ads

Ads put out by us will be highly targeted and will echo with the right audience.

Conducting Location Based Targeting

The ad copy and image will be designed based on the location of your target audience base.

Generate Leads

The content we put out will increase engagement of your users with you hence increasing business.

Get App Installed

The CTA ads will have a simple button which will redirect your user to the play store page of your app.


Ad Formats

Instagram ads offer a great range of ad formats to reach to your audience. No other social platform has such an elaborate format range as Instagram does. The social network offers you formats such as


Lets you promote your brand with high-quality images that make an incredible copy.


To make your ad copy much more powerful, reap the benefits of motion and sound.


Gliding through 10 images or videos in just a single Ad makes conversion chances stronger.


The quick to load Ad format; Slideshow offers you the benefits of Video Ads at an economy.


Collection Ad format offers seamless browsing through your catalog without your customer being redirected anywhere.


Since early 2017 Stories have been a widely used feature on Instagram. It now leverages the power of Stories through Stories Ads.


Messengers Ads let strike a conversation with your business. A great chance to get personal.


Format which has a try-before-you-buy feature.

What We Do as a Instagram Advertising Agency in Bangalore:

Advertising Campaigns

Go viral on Instagram using Instagram Paid Campaign

Promotions on Instagram

Promote your business or service on Instagram

Leads Generation

Generate business leads using Instagram advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Increase sales using Instagram Pay Per Click service

Insta Page Management

We manage your Instagram page and posts on daily basis

Instagram Likes

Increase your Instagram page likes using our trending methods

Instagram Followers

Increase your profile followers using pay per followers method

Instagram Traffic

Get more traffic to Website/Apps from Instagram pages


Instagram is currently one of the top portals to reach out to potential customers. Every day millions of people log in to their Instagram accounts and watch content. So having the right ads on Instagram means that your business can be viewed by millions of users every day.

If you have business with products, services, or if you are looking to sell it then hiring an IG promotion companies in Bangalore will be helpful. Having Insta ads agencies will help you access the best result without any hassle.

Yes, Instagram is highly effective in converting people already aware of the brand into prospective clients. Conversion campaigns like event registration, catalogue sales and Instagram ads can effectively drive conversions.

As soon as we run campaigns on Instagram, it reaches the desired audience. Within 30-60 days, the results are visible in the form of more conversions.

You must only and only rely on a professional and an experienced Instagram Marketing Agency to run your Instagram account. The cost to hire an Nextwave Creators to manage your Instagram ads may vary.

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